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Welcome to The Little Cameo Prints Co.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little more about me and my business.

My name is Natalie and I am the proud creator of these beautiful cameo silhouettes. With the love and support of my husband Joey and our two little girls Améline our darling little angel (forever 5 years old) and our cheeky little princess Isla (17 months), my family and friends, turning my creative business idea into a  has been nothing less than a rewarding experience.

I had gently nursed the idea of creating personalised prints after finding myself photographing my daughter Isla’s chubby little face and loving the photo so much I wanted to put it up on our wall. I wanted to be reminded of just how sweet her cheeky curls sat and how delicious her marshmallow filled cheeks were but I didn’t want to be reminded of the food on her face and the household mess in the background.

I sat staring at her photo and suddenly thought back to my love of the silhouette cover of my Jane Austen book Pride & Prejudice. I wondered if I could turn Isla’s photo into a modern style silhouette. I got creating and designed my very first cameo silhouette.

After sharing my image of Isla’s cameo silhouette I received a beautiful response from my family and friends and suddenly I was creating silhouette portraits of my family and friend’s children. I absolutely love creating these cameo silhouettes. I feel as though they bring a touch of classical art into the modern day. Each one has its own uniqueness and the sentimental value they will hold to those that receive them warms my heart with happiness.

From my family to yours, from my home to yours. Thank you for supporting my little print store. Each order that is placed is received with such gratitude and care I hope you feel that through your experience when receiving your print.


Natalie Liparota

Our family photo: Thank you to Louise Treacy from for capturing this beautiful image in celebration of our baby girl Isla’s first birthday.

Our eldest daughter Améline isn’t with us physically within this image but her love and spirit is always felt.